Daniel Rodriguez-Segura. (2021) Educational technology in developing countries: a systematic review. Forthcoming at the World Bank Research Observer. [Abstract] [Latest draft (ungated)]  [Database of studies]  [Appendix] [Blog posts, presentations, and media coverage: Center for Global Development, Financial Times, SkillBox, UNICEF/WB presentation

Rodriguez-Segura, Daniel, & Kim, B. H. (2021). The last mile in school access: Mapping education deserts in developing countries. Development Engineering, 100064. [Abstract] [Open-source code] [Blog post: Education Commission] 

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Rodriguez-Segura, Daniel. (2020) Strengthening early literacy skills through social promotion policies?  Intended and unintended consequences in Costa Rica. International Journal of Educational Development, 77, 102243. [Abstract] [Download: data, replication code

Working papers

Beth Schueler, Daniel Rodriguez-Segura"Individualized academic support for students in time of Coronavirus: experimental evidence from Kenya"[Abstract] [pre-registration]

Daniel Rodriguez-Segura. "A Closer Look at Reading Comprehension: Experimental Evidence from Guatemala "[Abstract] [pre-registration]


Isaac Mbiti, and Daniel Rodriguez-Segura. (Working paper coming soon). "Back to the basics: Curriculum reform and student learning in Tanzania" (in writing phase). [Abstract] [Video presentation]

Daniel Rodriguez-Segura, Beth Schueler. "Can we measure foundational skills over the phone? Evidence from Kenya" (in analysis phase). [pre-registration]

Daniel Rodriguez-Segura, Beth Schueler, Ben Castleman. "Scaffolding parental support for early literacy: a multi-country experiment in Kenya and Nigeria" (in design phase).

Daniel Rodriguez-Segura, Youdi Schipper"The fiscal burden of teacher absenteeism in Tanzania".