I will try to regularly post here links to good reads I come across. Some of the links may be academic papers that I may find interesting, but I will try to mix it up. I'll also try to add useful blogs, interesting articles, and the rare book recommendation.

[September, 2020]

  1. Cool paper on the quality of administrative data in India. Really creative way to merge admin data with RCT data to shed light on the quality of admin records in developing countries (source)

  2. Thorough review of the latest (Econ-y/policy) evidence on what we know about how to improve access and learning outcomes  in Africa (source). Great update to one of the authors' (Dave Evans) previous papers with a similar flavor (source)

  3. This is an older, yet great NPR podcast on what being a journalist in Nicaragua is like, especially after the 2018 crisis. The podcast is originally in Spanish (source), but this is the English translation (source)

  4. In light of my recent review of edtech interventions in developing countries (source), this is an interesting blog on the system-wide EdTech landscape in Tanzania (source

  5. Great journalistic work by the NYT on the effect of COVID on education around the world (source)

  6. Another very informative review of the landscape (both state and interventions) of early literacy in developing countries (source)

  7. Lastly, next time you need to compare your effect size to the broader literature, check out this super handy paper by Dave Evans and Fei Yuan (source)

[March, 2020]

  1. Data collected by grassroots movement "Map Kibera" on location of schools within Kenya's largest slum, Kibera (source)

  2. Great blog post on the power and limitations of scripting lessons for teachers in developing countries (source). Along a similar line, blog post on the issue of scalability of education interventions in the developing world (source).

  3. Very informative webinars on the awesome R package ggplot2, my go-to for visualizations (part 1) (part 2) (admittedly, it is an investment of 4.5 hours, but well-worth it, even if you need to watch it in parts or while doing house chores)

  4. Interesting overview (with some ideological leanings here and there too, I think) on the history and development of education in recent colonies, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa (source)

  5. Helpful tips from Dave Evans on how to get more visibility on your research (source)

[February, 2020]

  1. Blog post on grade repetition policies in developing countries (source)

  2. Fascinating article on pre-colonial, West African history (source)

  3. Awesome RCT shedding light on how "local education markets" shape how effective ed interventions can be (source)

  4. Sweet and powerful book that touches upon many relevant themes to pre-independence Kenya, from the point of view of a child (source)

  5. For my Spanish-speaking friends: not a read, but Residente's new song will move you with its touching throwbacks to what growing up in Latin America was like (source)


I think that the natural beauty and cultural heritage of developing countries often goes understated. I have been very lucky to have visited some of these places, and have taken some good pictures along the way. I am sharing here some of my favorites, and hope to keep this alive by routinely adding more to the collage!

Mexico City
Istambul, Turkey
Somewhere in Northern Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Masaai Mara, Kenya
Masaai Mara, Kenya
Somewhere in Western Kenya
Kibera, Kenya
Granada, Nicaragua
Granada, Nicaragua
Giza, Egypt
Santo Domingo, DR
Cap-Haïtien, Haiti
Sans Souci Palace, Haiti
Off the northern coast of Haiti
Off the northern coast of Haiti
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Lalibela, Ethiopia
Lalibela, Ethiopia
Off the northern coast of Haiti
Somewhere in Morocco
Ouzoud Falls, Morocco
Marrakech, Morocco
Antigua, Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala
Tikal, Guatamala
Rocinha, Brazil
Rocinha, Brazil
San Isidro, Costa Rica
10 min from my house in CR
San Jose (CR) from a mountain
KL, Malaysia
Batu Caves, Malaysia
Taqueria somewhere in Tijuana, Mexic
Villa De Santiago, Mexico
Somewhere in Malaysia
Havana, Cuba
Trinidad, Cuba